This is the movie review arena of Dave Mitchell and Trevor Taylor. We are fed up with stupid critics who pick the movies that nobody goes to watch. (BEWARE: PLOT-DETAILS/SPOILERS INCLUDED!!!)

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

A Word from the Other Fella

Hey, this is Dave-o. Just a quick word of welcome. Yeah, we've been talking about doing this since my sophomore year. But the plan was always that we'd get paid for this. Oh well. Gotta start somewhere. Maybe we can build a cult following that will send us money. But me first, cuz Trev already has a good job.

So. Reviews. That's what this is all about. Now, Trev is a little less patient with "artsy" films that other critics love, so expect those reviews to come from me. But Trev knows his stuff when it comes to flicks too. Although he's a little too fond of Star Wars Episode II, which bothers me. I hope its just a phase.

But yes. Reviews. Of movies in current release, video releases, even movies on TV. We'll supply you with the where and when of each viewing. And I will, at least, give you my personal rating of "Rock on" or "Walk Out."

So there you go, brave movie patron. We, the BTC guys, will sacrifice ourselves for the greater good and well-being of you all. Be appreciative.

First review coming soon. Until then, quit hogging the popcorn, you jerk.
Welcome to the show........

For a while now, we have talked about doing someting like this to express our views on movies. This started when we were roomates in college. Early on we had movies in common. We had an appretiation for good movies, but we simply disagreed with many of the norms in movie preference. Those norms being your usual stupid movie critics. We hope this is a practical, but an informed approach to reviewing movies. The first posting will be up soon......Enjoy.

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