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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

24 - Season 1

Come with me on this wild ride. Staring Kiefer Sutherland, 24 had me hooked so much that I watched it twice as fast as I originally intended. The program is set up to cover a 24 hour period of time for the characters in 24 episodes. Naturally each episode covers an hour. Over three nights I watched 24 in 8 episode segments. This turned out really well because the show can be naturally broken into these three segments. This is how I will divide my review.

Jack Bauer - Head of CTU, LA and main character
Teri Bauer - Jack's wife
Kimberly Bauer - Jack's daughter
Nina Myers - Number 2 at CTU
Tony Almeida - Number 3 at CTU
Senator David Palmer - Presidential Candidate
Sherry Palmer - David's wife
Keith Palmer - David's son
Nicole Palmer - David's daughter
Jaime Farrell - Computer specialist at CTU
Victor Drazen - The guy that is supposed to be dead
Andre Drazen - Victor's son and mastermind
Alexis Drazen - Victor's son and assassin
Ira Gaines - Hired by the Drazen's to kill David Palmer
George Mason - Jack's superior at CTU

Of all the characters, these are the ones to note.

A brief plot synopsis to the best that I can remember (skip if you do not want to know).
12:00AM - 8:00AM

Jack Bauer (Sutherland) is the head of CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) in Los Angeles. After discovering his daughter,Kim, has snuck out of the house, Jack is called into CTU. Jack's wife Teri then starts the process of attempting to find Kim. At CTU Jack and his crew are given the news that they have a high level threat that Senator David Palmer would have an attempt on his life. This is the day of the California presidential primary and Palmer is a candidate that has a good chance of being the next President of the United States of America.

Senator Palmer receives a phone call with disturbing news about his son. Seven years earlier, Senator Palmer's daughter had been raped. Shortly after the rapist turned up dead and it had been said to be a suicide. The phone call was from a reporter who had new evidence that his son, Keith, had killed the rapist. The Senator eventually finds out that his wife, Sherry, had been apart of the cover up when Keith killed the rapist on accident. Palmer wants to come clean with the public and settle the situation with his son once and for all. Sherry and Keith are opposed. Palmer decides to come out before the press about the situation at a morning campaign stop.

Jack along with his CTU companions Nina, Tony, and Jaime continue to investigate the Palmer situation. Jack is informed by one of his superiors that someone could be working inside CTU to aid the assassination. The same guy that gave the information that someone was working from the inside calls Jack asking for help. He was in trouble and needed Jack's help. Jack gets an important data disk, but his friend looses his life in the shoot out.

Teri continues the search for Kim with the apparent father of the girl Kim was with. Kim realizes that she is being kidnapped by the guys they went out with. As times goes on a connection is realized between the kidnapping of Kim and the Palmer assassination attempt. The apparent father searching with Teri is in on it too.

Jack is put in a tight spot with his family kidnapped by those wanting Palmer dead. They force Jack to aid in the assassination attempt on Palmer. They mean to frame Jack for it. Back at CTU, Nina and Tony discover that Jaime is aiding Ira Gaines in his plan to kill Palmer. At the morning campaign speech the assassins put everything in place, which includes Jack. A way is found to foil the assassination attempt, but puts Jack in Secret Service custody. Gaines does not kill Kim and Teri thinking they could still be used.

8:00AM - 4:00PM

The pace slows down in the next 8 hour part. It is replaced with layers of depth added to the plot. Jack escapes Secret Service custody and pursues his wife and daughter. Nina and Tony interrogate Jaime about her involvement with Gaines. After leaving Jaime alone to think for a while they return to find her wrist sliced. Jaime eventually dies from her wounds. Teri and Kim seek a way to escape and they get some aid from one of Kim's sympathetic kidnappers.

Jack finds the location where Teri and Kim are being held. He calls for backup and then makes their break for escape. They do escape after much running around and shooting at each other. Gaines chooses to die instead of talking. Jack turns himself in but retains provisional status at CTU for the day because the threat on Palmer is still critical and he has the most information about the whole situation.

After investigating Jack's background, Senator Palmer realizes this is the second anniversary for a special opt he authorized in Bosnia. Jack lead a special forces team to kill Victor Drazen, who was a monster that killed thousands in the ethnic cleansing civil war. Since Jack was the only survivor from the mission, Palmer thinks he is out for revenge for the death of his soldiers. Palmer also finds out that Keith's psychiatrist, who was a major source for the accusations about Keith, is dead by some freak accident. Palmer suspects more cover up. He finds out that some of his biggest financial supporters are behind it and his wife continues her divisive ways.

Senator Palmer decides to confront Jack by going to CTU. After some intense dialogue to begin with, the story is straightened out. Palmer is right about someone wanting revenge, but is wrong about who. The Drazen family wanted revenge on them both. Victor Drazen's wife and daughter were in the building when the bomb, meant for Victor only, went off. They begin to work together to bring resolution to the situation. In doing so, they find out that one of Palmer's campaign workers is having a relationship with Alexis Drazen and she is suppose to meet with him later. They plan to use the situation to their advantage.

4:00PM - 12:00AM

The plan to place a tracking devise on Alexis is put into place. Things turn sour when the woman meeting Alexis unexpectedly stabs him. Jack does learn that Alexis was suppose to meet someone and give them money. Of course our hero assumes the role of Alexis and meets him. The guy was being paid to cut the power at a certain location that evening. Jack and George Mason go to that location to investigate.

Senator Palmer with the blessing of his son Keith, but not his wife Sherry, comes out about his son's situation and the cover up ordeal. This has a good effect with the voters because of his honesty. Palmer closes the primary with a victory that makes him a candidate for President.

Jack and George are lead to an open field in the middle of nowhere. After finding nothing, George thinks it is nothing. Jack decides to stay so he can see if someone shows up for the appointed time that the power was to be turned off. After George leaves Jack finds a staircase going into the ground. Lights and sirens go off and he is apprehended by those behind the mysterious door. When he comes to, Jack is greeted by the warden of the secret Department of Defense prison they were in. Jack soon finds out that the classified prisoner that they get is Victor Drazen. Victor, who is played by Dennis Hopper, is not as dead as Jack thought he was. The bad guys are still successful in breaking Victor out of the prison.

Senator Palmer meets one of his campaign workers in a separate hotel room. This worker has shown affection toward the Senator and it would seem that Palmer is interested in her too. Palmer fires the worker sniffing out that he has been setup by his wife Sherry.

I have left out what has happened to Teri and Kim during this time on purpose because, though interesting, it is not essential until Kim is kidnapped again. With Kim in their custody, the Drazen's mean to have Jack do their dirty work again to kill Palmer. The Drazen's want a trade, Kim for Alexis. Alexis is turned over to the Drazen's, but dies soon after from his wounds. Before handing Kim over, Jack is to go to Palmer. Jack again saves Palmer when he realizes the cell phone the Drazen's gave him is also a bomb. Palmer allows the public to think he is dead in the interest of Kim's safety. It does not last long, Sherry leaks that he is still alive because she thinks it will hurt his election chances.

Jack is lead to the Drazen's after an agreement to trade his life for his daughter's. Kim actually does something smart and escapes before Jack arrives. Calling for backup, Jack is told by Nina that Kim is dead. He is told she was found by the coast guard in the water. Mad Jack then storms the Drazen's location and kills a bunch of people including putting about a dozen bullets into Victor. He is dead this time. Jack's survival blows Nina's cover as double agent.

Nina begins to make her getaway, first by trying to delete files from the CTU system. On his way back to CTU Jack finds out that Jaime did not commit suicide, but Nina did her in. While covering her trail, Nina is walked in on by Teri. Nina ties her up and continues her work until the CTU network is locked down. She then makes her getaway, but is stopped by Jack in the parking garage.

Senator Palmer has a meeting with his wife and tells her that he does not want to see her again. He also tells Sherry that she will never be First lady or see the White House.

Everything has settled down at CTU, but Jack does not know where his wife is. Jack goes on the search after seeing that Nina left a trail of dead people on her way out. He finds Teri dead. She had been shot by Nina.

Trev Says: I was hooked on this show from the beginning. The show held my attention during each episode. The show was well written and well cast. After the first 10 or so episodes, the show seemed to be coming to an end. Jack had saved his family and Palmer was still alive. This was quickly replaced by a deepening plot. This gave depth to the main characters and momentum for the rest of the show. We as an audience only see one day in the life of these characters, but the opportunity is given to get to know them. Get to know them enough to love or hate them.

Some things that stood out to me:
-The body count is large. It seemed at times if Jack was around them, they died. The most shocking death was Teri's. Victor's death made you want to jump up and down and shout "survive that you warlord prick."
-I only have one stupid thing to report. I did not mention it in my summary. Teri has a temporary amnesia spell. What was this all about? I think they could have taken the story somewhere else and gotten the same effect. Off course, she remembers everything after having a gun to her head and being saved in the nick-of-time by Tony "I have cool facial hair on my chin" Almeida.
-Speaking of "in the nick-of-time." It happens so much in this show. If the timing was off just a little at certain points, it would have been so much different.

Character Awards:
Hero Award: Jack Bauer- No surprise here.
Stupid Award: Kim Bauer- Dave you are right about how she is always making the wrong decision, until the end at least.
Surprise Award: Nina Myers- This was no surprise to me actually. I was happy when I was right about her being a double agent. I had the luxury of watching the show in three nights. All the episodes were fresh in my mind. For someone who watched the show over the course of the season, I guess would be surprised, not having all the episodes fresh in their minds.
One Finger Gesture Award: Sherry Palmer- This woman was deceptive and self-centered. It did not matter who was in her way, she was willing to do what she needed to get her way. This of course was all in the name of protecting her family when in fact she was protecting her opportunity to be First Lady. She got what was coming to her in the end.
I Am Rooting For You Award: Senator David Palmer- This guy was honest, open, and had integrity. The opposite of his wife. He was willing to risk his presidency to set things right with his family. Palmer stepped over every stumbling block placed before him. Senator Palmer is a Democratic nominee for President. I found it interesting that his personality best aligns with George W. Bush and not Bill Clinton or John Kerry. Hollywood has things backwards.

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Dave Says:

I couldn't agree more. "24" was a genius concept, Kiefer Sutherland is the perfect leading man. The first season set the bar for all action-drama shows to come. I would argue that if you didn't have shows like "24" and "Alias", you would never have had shows like "Lost." Jack Bauer's exploits (and the cult-like fanbase) showed that people want mini-movies, with wicked cool writing and intricate plots.

If you liked that one, Trev, I HIGHLY recommend Season 2. All of your "award winners" are back. Yes. All of them. And Kim is dumber than ever. And because of Teri's death, Jack becomes much darker and edgier. He's willing to do more to stop the bad guys, even if it means torture. It's like Jack starts turning into Mad Max. Awesome.

Things get CRAZY as each season progresses. Main characters with drug addictions, Middle Eastern terrorists, chips implanted in characters, characters killed and brought back to life. Insanity. And, though it seemed (from the outside) to stumble a little in Season 3, the storylines are awesome all the way through.

If you haven't started watching this newest season already, well... I don't know what to say. I held off from being sucked in last year (Season 3) until halfway through. This year, I gave in to the inevitable and now I'm hooked.

Dave's Rating: Rock On, Jack. You're one bad mofo.
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