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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Flight of the Phoenix

Release Date: December 17th, 2004 (wide).
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some language, action and violence.
Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox

1 hr. 53 min

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Giovanni Ribisi, Miranda Otto, Hugh Laurie, Jared Padalecki
Directed by: John Moore
Produced by: William Aldrich, Alex Blum, Wyck Godfrey, John Davis

Production Budget: $45 Million
Domestic Box Office as of Jan. 12th: $19,753,842
(sources: Yahoo! Movies and

Rating: D+
Giovanni Ribisi: B+

Synopsis: Captain Frank Towns (Quaid) flies a plane to remote oil rigs when they are shut down to take the crew and equipment home. His trip to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia has an unfortunate collision with a sand storm on the return flight to Beijing, China. After the crash, the survivors have a choice to conserve their resources waiting for a rescue team or spend them building a plane out of the wreckage. Elliot (Ribisi), who claims to design airplanes for a living, says all the elements and tools are there to do the task. After a run in with some bandits, a couple people dying, much inner fighting, finding out that Elliot only designs miniature airplanes, and some more inner fighting they succeed in making the now named Phoenix fly.

Trev Says: I was actually kind of excited to see this one. While I was watching the movie, I was excited to know that it would eventually end. I knew the movie would be predictable, but it was overly predictable. It was a feel good movie of ultimate survival. The fighting among the group was not even interesting and did not reveal anything deep about the characters.

Now, some of you might be wondering why I gave Giovanni Ribisi his own rating. He is the only redeeming factor in the movie. His character is mysterious, weird, insecure, power hungry, disliked and the few times that I laughed during this movie he was involved. He is the guy everyone hates, but is the most important because of what he knows. Ribisi was amazing in his portrayal of this character. Of the movies that I have seen Ribisi in, this role is different from the others I seen. If you go see this movie, do not see it for the Flight of the Phoenix, see it for Ribisi.
nicely done.
dave or trev? who did the revue?
It gives the post name at the bottom of the review. Which would be me, Trevor, in this case.
I think we should go with what I did for the 24 review: Trev says, Dave says. Right at the beginning of the commentary. Or maybe, do your overly-detailed intro, then name your review portion "Trev Says".

You're gonna put me to shame, dude.
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